Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken - 21 Day Fix Style!

I mean, because who doesn't love buffalo chicken?  Except for the fact that it's not exactly calorie friendly.  But yeah, still good.

So I challenged myself to lighten it up.  Ended up with about a pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast, 1 red container of 2% greek yogurt, and a small bottle of tabasco.  Threw it all in a crockpot and cooked it on low for about 3 and a half hours.  After about three hours, I went in and shredded it and let it sit for a bit longer.

Not going to lie, I didn't even miss the ranch dressing or the cream cheese / sour cream.

When I went to use it in my lunch, I didn't fill the red container the entire way with chicken, allowing some "room" for the greek yogurt I used.  I would say that the entire recipe made at least 7 servings in a "red" container, so the greek yogurt in each serving is probably minimal.

So to make a healthy lunch for the week, check it out below!

1 red - crockpot buffalo chicken
1 green - steamed mixed veggies
1 yellow - quinoa
1/2 blue  - crumbled goat cheese

Delicious and filling!

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