Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alton Brown - Everyday Cook

So, OMG I got to see and meet Alton Brown you guys.

And he was AMAZING.

I went to this Big Ideas Night at Random House, which I will definitely do again when another author I want to see comes to visit!

The night started at 6:30 with check-in, where we got a copy of the cookbook (HURRAY!!).  Then, we went upstairs for wine and appetizers.  At about 6:45, Alton came out.  This man is incredibly engaging when he speaks, I just didn't want to stop listening!

He talked about his new book mostly, and then the Q&A started.  That brought questions about everything from Good Eats to Cutthroat Kitchen.

And then, it was time to get the book signed and to meet him!

One thing that struck me when I met him was that he introduced himself (which he did to everyone!), and it was like "DUDE I know who you are!" and yet it's so awesome that he does that.  He was super friendly and just a lot of fun.

So looking forward to experimenting some with Everyday Cook!

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