Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fantastic Friday Four

Happy Friday!  It's like spring up in here in Jersey, which I'm going to guess is the reason for this lovely head cold I have.  But, even with the stuffiness, I have a few things that I'm loving this week!

Thanks to mom and dad, I now officially feel like a Jetson.  I am loving my Amazon Echo!  I can play my Spotify playlists or just my Amazon music, create a shopping list that goes on my phone (like literally, I notice I'm out of something and just call Alexa!), get the weather, news, and I'm sure so much more I haven't even figured out yet.  Oh, the best thing?  Asking Alexa for cooking conversions while I'm cooking - no more using flour dusted fingers on the iPad!

And thanks to my brother, I'm now officially obsessed with Hamilton, which is a tad unfortunate since I likely won't be able to score tickets until 2030.  I saw a kid at school today with a shirt that said "I had a life and then I discovered Hamilton".  Accurate.

And thanks to my other brother and his girlfriend, these adorable "Cat Nap" pillowcases, which in addition to being precious are super soft and comfy.  Charlie likes them too :)

You guys, this candle literally smells like a fraternity party full of cute guys (like when you first arrive and before the red Solo cups of beer get spilled all over the place) and I am not mad about it.  Have this lit takes me back to my URI days and it is glorious.

What is making you smile this week?

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