Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Welcome to....A Cozy Cup of Coffee!

I mean, caffeine is king, yes?

So, as we neared the end of 2016, I began thinking about this blog.  A lot.  I love this blog, but I realized that while I love all the cooking / baking / recipe posts, I wanted it to be more.

Because, you see, I love so much more than that.  And I always felt like those "other" posts would feel out of place on a blog with the word "kitchen" in the title.  Whether that's true or not, that was my perception.

So I thought about my other interests.  Music. Books. Home. Decorating. Organizing. Planning. Beauty. Sports. Crafts (though it's definitely not my specialty, I love to try!).  And I realized I wanted to really encompass all of those things.

With that decided, I started thinking of a new name.  Which, let me tell you, is not easy.  I spent days.

And then it hit me, one Saturday morning.  Because I was doing what I always do on Saturday morning.  Sitting in front of my fireplace, candle lit (because that's the first thing I do when I wake up), fuzzy slippers, and coffee in hand while I caught up on my favorite blogs for the week. 

That is what I want this blog to be.  To feel like you are sipping your coffee (or tea or cocoa!) and relaxing and catching up.

And therein lies the inspiration for the name.

I'm looking forward to bringing a lot of different things to this blog - but YES there will still be plenty of recipes - because let's be honest, that's still my favorite.

So grab your favorite beverage, pull up a couch and a cozy fireplace, and enjoy!

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