Thursday, March 12, 2015

Smoked Gouda Breakfast Burrito

Mmmmm cheese.

Unfortunately, I love it.

What I don't love is all the fat free stuff out there.  Tastes terrible, doesn't melt.

So I made a decision a while ago that if I'm going to eat cheese?  I'm going to go with 1 portion of either full fat or reduced fat cheese.  I'd rather have a smaller bit of the good stuff than a lot of the icky stuff!

I was shopping in Target one day and ran across a pack of sliced smoked Gouda.  I love love love smoked Gouda, however, I've never seen it in sliced form.  So in the cart in went.

This breakfast burrito was hearty and delicious, and the smoked Gouda added both delicious flavor and creaminess!

Started with some veggies.  Green and yellow squash in coconut oil.

Threw in some sun dried tomatoes.

Added in some egg whites, the cheese, and some hot sauce and piled it all into a whole wheat wrap!

(FYI - I'm terrible at "wrapping" anything!)

Smoked Gouda Breakfast Burrito
Serves 1

1 tsp. coconut oil
1 cup zucchini and yellow squash
2 tbsp. sun dried tomatoes
1/2 cup of egg whites
1 slice of smoked Gouda
1 whole wheat wrap
Hot sauce
Salt and pepper

Heat small frying pan over medium heat.  Melt coconut oil and add in zucchini and yellow squash.  Cook for about 5 minutes, or until desired doneness.  Add in the sun dried tomatoes and cook an additional minute.

Reduce heat to medium - low.  Pour egg whites into pan.  Add salt, pepper, and a few dashes of hot sauce.  Gently stir the mixture.  Egg whites will begin to set.  Continue gently pushing the mixture around the pan until the eggs are the texture you like (Mine took about 5 - 6 minutes and they were pretty firm, which I like).

Tear the smoked Gouda into pieces and add into pan, stirring to melt (about an additional minute).

Place the eggs into the center of the burrito and wrap up!


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