Friday, April 17, 2015

Fantastic Friday Four!

The latest edition of the things that are giving me life this week!

My Broadway Blues are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which means the Messier jersey is worn.  A lot.  Let's go Rangers!

The first time I drink this each year is my first taste of Spring.  I'm not a huge fan of peach flavored stuff but this?  I love.  

Dogsitting at the folks' and spotted these beauties in the front yard.  Winter is well and truly over!

This might be my favorite recent discovery.  I'm going on a cruise again this summer (109 days to be exact!) and I stumbled across this app called Ship Mate, which has reviews, a countdown timer, and a bunch of other great features.  But it also has access to the deck cams of the ships!  So I have been borderline stalking my ship, the Carnival Splendor.  And jealous of anyone who is currently in one of those lounge chairs!

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