Monday, November 2, 2015

Fabulous Find: Think Thin Oatmeal

Another healthy find from 7-11!  (And other places I'm sure but this is where I found it).

I was running late one morning and didn't have time to make my normal protein smoothie, so I figured I'd pick something up when I stopped to get my coffee.  Found this and it's an new favorite!

This particular flavor is Farmer's Market Berry Crumble and it's absolutely delicious.  Takes about a minute in the microwave, but then I let it sit a few more minutes.  The fruit plumps up and it's definitely a filling breakfast coupled with some fruit or I actually had a hard boiled egg along with it for some extra protein.

Nice stats:  10g protein, 5g fiver and 190 calories for the cup.

Also, 100% non GMO!

I actually really love their protein bars too (the pumpkin spice and dark chocolate peppermint are seasonal flavors that are to die for!).  Link below to the website!

Think Thin Products

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