Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nut Free Trail Mix

So I really like the concept of trail mix - all that variety!  Packed with protein!  A great energy boost.

The thing is,  I don't like nuts.  Weirdly, I LOVE any kind of nut butter, I love the flavor of nuts, but I can't do the texture.

I know.  Strange.

Try finding a trail mix in the stores that has no nuts.  It's pretty impossible.

So I invented my own!

The recipe for this involves a lot of weighing so you definitely need a scale.  I found this to be a great snack (paired with some fresh fruit or vegetable) before a run or just in that mid afternoon lull.

Nut Free Trail Mix
Serves 4 - 4 Smartpoints per Serving

51 grams pumpkin seeds
40 grams dried mixed fruit, chopped
17 grams semisweet chocolate chips

Combine ingredients, then portion into small containers!  (Each portion weighed about 33 grams for me!)

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