Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Favorites

So it's officially February.  And I'd like to point out that the only snowstorm we have had was on a weekend.  Which, teachers, you all know what I'm talking about. 

I've tried a few new things this month that I am LOVING, so I wanted to share!

So true story, I don't like nuts.  I'm not allergic but I don't like the texture - I can handle it if they are super ground up, but that's about it.  And it's very difficult to find protein bars that don't have big chunks of nuts. 

Enter these Square Bars.  Wow!  SO good, and super filling.  I have had the Chocolate Cherry, the Chocolate Mint, and the Chocolate Coconut and all are yum, though the Chocolate Coconut may be my favorite because it straight up tastes like a Mounds candy bar.  These have been a terrific pre-workout / late afternoon snack!

I'm not dairy free as a rule, but I am trying to lessen the amount of dairy I eat (let's be real, I'm not giving up cheese).  Basically, if it's a substitute I don't mind, then I will go with it.  Not only don't I mind this, but it has quickly become one of my two favorites (next one coming up later).  This Kite Hill yogurt is super creamy and has a very different texture than Greek yogurt, but it is also really refreshing and light.  Topped with some granola, it's a great snack.  I've had the blueberry and the vanilla, both of which I love, and was psyched to find some new flavors, including pineapple and key lime, at my Whole Foods!

And my other favorite is this So Delicious coconut milk yogurt.  Again, very different texture than Greek yogurt but really light and flavorful.  The chocolate flavor is AMAZING!  It's legit dessert.

I am a popcorn junkie to the extreme.  The boxes of microwave popcorn I would go through - not okay.  But, in trying to institute some healthier habits, I came across the idea of popping popcorn in coconut oil and was hooked.  Then, on Instagram, I noticed this Nutiva buttery coconut oil and I knew I HAD to try it.  I pop the popcorn in about a teaspoon of this oil, and then melt another teaspoon to put on top and it tastes SO buttery.  Definitely calls back to that buttery, delicious movie popcorn.  I've also used this to fry up hash browns and eggs and it's amazing!

So, all food faves this month as I've been trying to make some healthier choices and found some things I was super excited about.  

What are some of your favorites this month?

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